11 sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to make him cry

sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to make him cry

11 sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to make him cry

What are the sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to make him cry? It is not an easy procedure, but you say something and your ex will start crying. You think it’s easy actually it’s complicated. We can make an effort to make our ex boyfriends cry.

Love is a beautiful and sweet feeling. A combination of many feelings creates this feeling called love. So breaking up with the one we love, with whom our feelings work, and with whom we want to spend our lives, becomes heartbreaking.

The word ex is an old love name for many of us and a place of anger for many. Every person gets treated based on his ex’s characteristics.

Making your ex cry is a little easier than saying sweet things. Let’s check out 11 sweet things you can say to make your ex cry:

1. Tell your ex that you are sorry for not being his heart. Let him know that you wish him well and you also want him to be with a girl who can be his heart and fulfill all his hopes.

2. Tell him that you want to leave him in the hands of someone better than you. You always wish him well. You want him to be well with whoever he is with. Request that he take care of his family and close friends.

3. Tell him that even though you broke up, he still holds a special place in your heart. Remind him of the good times you spent with him. Explain how you feel about each moment.

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4. Tell her about her current situation. Tell her that you want her to be okay. You don’t want her to be in a bad situation. Also tell him that even though you broke up, even though everything has changed, he is still the same. You want to call him one more time to make things right.

5. Sweetly tell him that even though you broke up, you will always adore him, but you can’t do it at present. Tell him that you want him to make you like him. Also, tell him that you have changed yourself a lot for him. You are grateful to him.

sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to make him cry

6. Convince your ex that even after so much has happened between you, you still think about him. You want to see him in your dreams every day. Tell him emotionally, that even if his day goes by without you, he will know that you love him deeply. You still love him and find it impossible to live without him.

7. Convince him that it is very difficult for you to be without him around. Tell him that you miss the time you spend together and want it constantly. You miss hearing his voice. You like the smell of his clothes.

8. Tell him how much you had to struggle to stay in his life, and how much you had to change yourself. Make him understand that even though you broke up, you will always remember your good times and not let them get stained.

9. Confess to him The wonderful picture of peace and happiness his love has painted in your life is never possible for you to forget. He was the closest person in your life who always inspired you.

10. Let her know that her smile was your most loved. You were willing to lose yourself a thousand times but you were not willing to lose her even once. Because she was priceless in your life.

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11. Tell him that for the next hundred years, you will worship to be with him in the next birth. That will be like a fairy tale in your life.

If you say such emotional sweet things or words to your ex-boyfriend, he will realize his mistake and start crying because he misses you.

How to insult your ex boyfriend over text?

Your one-time lover is responsible for breaking your tender heart. In the course of time, your lover has changed his name and become your ex.

You won’t have any respect for your ex after a breakup if he’s a dumper. It’s perfectly normal to want him to insult you, especially if he’s hurt you outright.

sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to make him cry

It becomes difficult to understand the value or insult very clearly in the text. The way you take each text will carry that meaning for you. If you really want to insult your ex by texting, here are some tips:

1. Tell him you didn’t think he was the only option. Even all your feelings for him weren’t real.

2. Make him understand that you are much ahead of him. Your smartness and prestige are much more than him.

3. Tell him you are fine with your new partner. It will be the ultimate insult to him.

4. Ask him to meet and burn all the gifts he gave you in front of him. Delete all the picks you have.

5. You say you like being alone more than being with him.

6. Compliment your ex to your ex. Discuss all the qualities of your ex as well as how much your ex loves you.

7. Tell him through your family that you are much, much better off without him.

8. If he calls you, after connecting a few times, pick up the call and tell him that you have nothing to do with him and block him.

9. Text him and tell him that if he tries to come to your house, your door won’t be open for him.

10. Give him your wedding news via text.

Your behavior towards your ex can be extremely insulting to him if he has the capacity to understand. However, one should not hurt someone’s feelings.

What to say to an ex who hurt you?

A love relationship starts with many feelings, wants, promises to fulfill dreams, and promises to be there. Trusting, trusting, and loving each other is the foundation of such a relationship. But it is also true that breakups in such relationships are common as it is true that They love each other.

But for those who are more sensitive, the situation of breakup manifests badly. Your ex’s hurtful words towards you will make you more tolerant and challenging. You will have the ability to thank him with a smile for his hurtful words.

sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to make him cry

If you want to say something to the ex who hurt you, this blog will be helpful for you.

Here are some tips for telling an ex who hurt you:

1. Tell him your biggest regret in life is dating him first.

This may be a bad thing to say to your ex. But they deserve it because they did it to you.

2. Tell him that people have told you negative things about him but you didn’t listen.

This could be another way for you to try to hit back at them. Remind your ex that your friends informed you beforehand that he might cheat.

3. Tell him it will take time to trust someone else to betray him like this.

It might make him feel guilty about himself but he deserves it since he hurt you.

4. Tell him you were not happy with him.

Your saying this will make him think about you again and make you feel inferior to him as well and he will get ahead of himself.

5. Tell him you’re glad he’s gone and better than ever.

Your words may hurt her deeply but it will not be inappropriate for her at all.

In fact, hitting back after being hurt is not a healthy solution. Rather, it disrespects the human qualities of being human. You should forgive the person who hurt you, leave him as he is, and be yourself.

What mean things to say to your ex best friend?

Friends are an important chapter in people’s lives. Without friends, the meaning of life is different. Just as you can’t say who will be your friend, there is no difference between country, time, and place in the case of best friends.

We usually call friends those with whom we have similar mentality and best friend is the one who knows everything about us, understands, and does not need to hide anything from him. From that point of view, we can call our ex a good friend.

Because, today your X was a part of your life a few days, months, or years ago. Yes, maybe due to the time gap and change in needs, today he is your X but once this person was your closest person. Who accompanied you all the time? , meeting your needs and requirements.

We have some other features of best friend one of which is to protect your privacy. Not to hurt your vulnerability is also one of the main features.

Many of us have exes who know our deepest secrets and hide them from everyone. Knowing our weak spots, instead of hurting us, they gently touch us for relief. Also, they give us confidence. Such exes can be blindly treated like best friends.

But all exes are not the same. Just as there is black under all the light, there is also bad with good. However, by fully understanding who is good and who is bad, you can consider your ex as your best friend and completely remove him from your life.

It is wrong to say that the ex will be a bad or uncomfortable person. Many times the relationship also breaks down due to circumstances. Even if the two people in the relationship accept it, there is no lack of understanding between them. They remain each other’s best friends for life.

Anyway, you can be a friend only if you can give respect, support, and trust. Which fully recovers and earns the title of some ex’s best friend.

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