You Should Know Same age relationship good or bad Side

Same age relationship good or bad Side

You Should Know Same age relationship good or bad Side

Same age relationship good or bad? A same age relationship has both good and bad aspects. But a comparative analysis from the beginning to the end reveals the good side of peer relationships rather than the bad.

Age doesn’t have that much influence on relationships. There is no set age for it either. However, after analyzing the various advantages and disadvantages, it can be seen that a long-term relationship can be created if a relationship with an older partner is compared to relationships with other age groups.

Same age relationship good or bad Side

The main topic of our discussion today is the good or bad results of peer relationships. To analyze this issue clearly, we first need to know about the good and bad aspects of peer relationships.

The Same age relationship good or bad Side

So let’s first know about the advantages of peer relationships on the same age side.

1. Good understanding: Since two people are of the same age, the understanding ability of two people is almost the same. Likewise, the mind and mentality are at the same level. Likes, dislikes, likes, and dislikes are also almost the same. As a result, quarrels in the relationship are less.

2. Condescension levels are low: Even if there is a small amount of condescension in peer relationships, it does not last long. Emotion and condescension cannot have much influence here.

3. Friendship is more: In peer relationships, friendship is more than love. Since both of them have similar preferences, there is not a lot of friction in getting along.

4. Low Suspicion Propensity: They are usually friendly and like to share everything with each other. As a result, there is nothing to hide and no issue of suspicion is created.

5. More mutual cooperation: Peers are more cooperative in relationships. Because they are of the same age, they can understand each other’s problems and lend a helping hand.

6. Life Goals: Being of the same age group, they can comparatively step in the same direction in life goals, which later helps them navigate marital discord.

7. No social stigma: If there is a significant age difference in the relationship, people in the society do not stop stigmatizing. However, if the relationship is of the same age, this risk does not have to be taken.

Now let’s know the bad aspects of peer relationships:

1. Immaturity: Two people of the same age do not have enough maturity. But this is not to say that maturity can never come like other relationships. Maturity has to wait for time.

2. Dissimilarity: Being of the same age, they may have similar life experiences, perspectives, and other tests. Growing up in a similar environment increases the chances of this many times.

3. Uncertainty of future life: Due to the same qualifications and experiences of peers, the future of the relationship is likely to be uncertain.

4. Ignorance of reality: Peer relationships are very emotional. They are ready to take any decision to stay together. But the problem is that they are ignorant of reality. Many times their relationship loses to reality.

5. Failure to make decisions according to time: Waiting for a perfect time for everything is part of the experience. However, due to a lack of experience in peer relationships, they fail to take the right action at the right time, and they pay the price many times.

Same age relationship good or bad Side/ problems encountered in a same-age relationship?

After the above discussion, it can be concluded that there are good as well as bad aspects in peer relationships. However, mutual understanding plays a very important role in the relationship which is seen in peer relationships. Time and situation must be considered before taking any decision.

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