And everything you did in the past to improve your Tinder ELO Score no longer plays a role and no longer needs to be considered.

Tinder lives from the fact that it offers its users a good experience. Especially the women.

Without enough satisfied users, the business would not even be able to exist. And satisfaction depends largely on whether you get matches, chats and dates.

So they have to evaluate the profiles to bring together the people who are likely to fit together and will match and would also go on dates.

Imagine if there was no ranking and you would only be shown random profiles in the area that are currently active.

Imagine the super hot model who then only sees mega boring, unattractive bad male profiles the whole time. She’d be fucked up quickly and leave the app.

If the guy with the bad profile sees loads of super hot girls, he might be happy in the beginning. But if he then realizes that he NEVER matches with these women, then he is quickly frustrated and will no longer use the app.

So Tinder MUST rate and rank the profiles in some way. Just because you change some of the algorithms and perhaps no longer use the special ELO system, that does not mean that you no longer use a ranking system.

Because the ELO system is just one of hundreds of algorithmic ranking systems. It may be that Tinder has said goodbye to this particular procedure. But of course they will use a different type of rating system.

Basically, not much will change in terms of the algorithm and your behavior on Tinder.

Some factors may have a greater weighting to whom you are displayed and which profiles you see etc. Namely as described in the statement, when you are active and where. But all other factors for a good ranking in the app and what was previously applied to improve the ELO score will still be just as important as ever.

Tinder depends on satisfied users. Without a large number of users, the app and thus the business would not exist.

So the algorithm will of course prefer the profiles that ensure that all users have a good experience.

This means that the behavior that previously applied to a good ELO Score Ranking will continue to apply.

Because things like this ensure that users, and especially women, have a good experience and come back.

In general, all things that were important up to now will still be just as important with the new Tinder algorithm.

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