That is why we take into account a person’s distance to your current location, ”the statement says.

This means that you are more likely to see profiles in your immediate vicinity than those that are further away.

For example, if you have a moderately good profile, you will still be shown to a woman with a top profile if she lives around the corner from you. Before she sees the “better” male profiles, but who may live further away from her.

At least this should be the case in theory according to the statement with the new Tinder algorithm …

Tinder says active use of the app and physical proximity play a bigger role in the new algorithm. But it remains completely unclear how great the influence of these factors is.

Are the factors really so dominant that they would prefer a bad profile just because it’s active and nearby?

Of course, these things may play a role. But if there are other factors that have a greater influence on the Tinder algorithm and the assignment of the profiles, then activity and spatial proximity will have little relevance.

Nevertheless, we have tested the factors activity and location in the last few weeks since the statement in the TinderAcademy.

So far it is still difficult to say how big the influence is, as we of course need a larger sample size. But we noticed that every time we go online there is a slight increase in matches and likes.

And even when I did death in other parts of the city, for example on the way to work, I was able to notice a slight increase in likes.

So it seems that the factors activity and location now actually play a bigger role when it comes to who sees you on Tinder, who you are shown to and how much success you have.

In general, however, the most important factors to use the algorithm optimally and to get more matches remain the same as before.

That means having a top profile with the perfect Tinder profile picture and a convincing profile description, being selective when swiping, not breaking up matches and most importantly, writing with EVERY match.

According to our tests, writing to every match with a good first message and then getting a lot of answers is actually one of the biggest factors in being preferred by the Tinder algorithm and getting more and better matches.

And Tinder also measures how long the chats run afterwards and how much the women write. Therefore, your flirting skills and your ability to keep the chat going are important not only to get lots of dates and phone numbers, but also to be preferred by the algorithm and get more matches.

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