The very first commentator was one of those confident men who are capable of being contagious in their drive and then immediately gave the tip on how to catch a wealthy snail. As a great friend of biological affairs, it was here that I became interested. In the meantime, I didn’t feel like going to the nearest airport, knowing full well that I could hardly do much more than say, “May I carry your suitcase?” would come up, and that would bring me a certain wealth at the end of the day, namely a lot of sore muscles and new experiences, including the humiliating feeling of having made a lot of spoons in the hunt for wealthy women.

Well, the first commentator was just an expert and I can’t come close to that. I am also interested in prosperity, but I am still so romantic that other, non-pecuniary feelings are important when choosing a partner.

Well, so I’m looking for the next advisor for my life or the most promising methods in choosing a partner in the following comments, maybe number two will give me a little more hope then? Well, a 77-kilo triathlon athlete describes his efforts in the search for slim Japanese women, his disgust for everyone else and his resulting sexual problems.

So far, I have not given any thought to slim Japanese women, admittedly, and in a first spurt of thought this option seems to me, geographically and linguistically, quite remote. In addition, it struggles for me to discover just one approach to good advice in this article, well, I think I should probably do without triathlon for the next few months.

The third, equally remarkable comment came from a woman, and she advised me (and all of us) to avoid short-haired dogs, G-Star, Prada, big glasses and if possible the new federal states. I think I can do it. That can be done! I don’t really know why this is important now, but in this case I would be quite prepared to rely on the life experience of this woman.

So, enriched with small pieces of wisdom, I throw myself on the fourth case, Mrs Allegra. She describes how she caught an exciting roast with cheerful openness and joie de vivre, and now also knows about the height of an ordinary domestic pig. For a brief moment the thought germinates in me of considering the man in love as a domestic pig, but well, she probably won’t be particularly wrong, and if she hadn’t become a philosopher, she would have also looked at the man with the big glasses.

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