I have now decided to better understand my nature and came across your blog. It is good to see that I am not the only one who is feeling this way and the comments here also let me see that I am not alone. Sometimes I had tears in my eyes while reading, because I always thought nobody would understand me, but there are as many as me as I see. Sometimes it was almost scary to read your texts, due to the fact that I found exactly my train of thought here. Of course, I ordered your book right away, which I’m really looking forward to reading it.

you don’t need to feel like you’re alone on the subject. In Germany, the first time averages 17 years (source: 1). That means many experience sexuality relatively late. There are even forums that only deal with this topic (source: 2).

As you describe yourself, looking for a date, rejection and the following negative thoughts is a vicious circle. Your motivation to better understand yourself and your behavior is just right. It is important to think about how you feel comfortable in contacting women. For example, I was never the great hero when addressing a woman in public.

There are of course challenges for beginners (as with all dating portals, the gender ratio is unevenly distributed). I see it here like Patrick: The aim should be to convey a realistic picture.

Tinder is by no means the best choice. Tinder is great for women and for men who women think are very good-looking. For men who do not conform to the standard taste of German women, they are out of luck. They don’t get matches. I feel like that.

Maybe these men only like superficial women who look very good …? A picture can say more than if the shown muscle has. You can also use a picture to say that you like to read comfortably on the sofa … the pretty muscle and party pictures can also simply say that someone is boring and conceited, it always depends on what you are looking for

Exactly such conclusions are NOT possible through a picture. That’s crude with women. They interpret everything impossible into pictures and thus 99% of men dissolve.

Hello. I’ve even been through almost 10 dating platforms.

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