Click, swipe, destroy hopes – for many, online dating is simply nothing. We’ll reveal tips to help you turn things around and find love along the way

More and more people are getting to know and love each other through dating apps – you heard that right. Because although online dating still has a bad or dubious reputation with some people, it is very possible to meet love over the Internet. Of course we understand the critics too. Because if you do online dating incorrectly, it can quickly become confusing and superficial and simply remain unsuccessful. But used correctly, the internet can bring you and your soulmate together and bring two people together who would otherwise never have met.

Just follow these online dating tips below and you will see: It is worth a serious try!

The first hurdle in finding love online is creating an engaging profile. One shortcoming of online dating: It is often sorted out very quickly. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for you.

So the first impression is crucial. Always be honest and get the chance to write something personal about yourself. Do you have a favorite quote or are there five adjectives that describe you perfectly? Write it in your profile! Make others curious, choose a suitable description of your personality and upload at least two or three beneficial photos. Speaking of photos: advantageous. Not too embellished or edited.

Have you carefully created and edited your profile? Great. But please don’t make the mistake now and lean back and relax. Because waiting for other singles to contact you would not be conducive to the success of your partner search at all.

One of the most important online dating tips is therefore: Take your time through the partner proposals and write to interesting candidates yourself – regardless of whether they are men or women. Because on the Internet the dusty cliché that men have to take the first step doesn’t count.

Four to five partner inquiries per week should ideally come from you. The rule is: quality instead of quantity. Find exciting candidates and take action. Because neither waiting and drinking gin tea nor sending masses of inquiries will help you find a partner online.

We from or work for love. With heart and passion. Because a happy partnership is possible. That inspires us every day. Do you have a recipe for happy relationships? Want to share your story? Write to us and take part!

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