The only thing that changes is that there are 2-3 factors, such as activity and physical proximity, that will play a bigger role in the future when it comes to getting more matches.

It is currently not known whether it will have an impact on the algorithm if you confirm your identity through Tinder verification so that your account gets this blue tick.

According to statistics, women only like around 14% of men’s profiles and on average only reply to 10% of the messages they receive.

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Fabian is the founder of the TinderAcademy and his goal is to enable you to have more exciting dates through Tinder. When he’s not busy cheating on the Tinder algorithm or going on dates, you can find him head over heels in a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or out in nature. If you have any questions about Tinder, take part in the Tinder Academy Email Coaching or join the Facebook group.

So, the whole entry is just there to tell me that everything will stay as it is.

A lot has changed on Tinder since the middle of 2019 since the new algorithm was introduced. As described in the article, our tests show that regular activity in the app is even more important than it used to be. Just like things like writing with all matches, getting a lot of answers, not resolving any matches, etc. In general, it seems as if Tinder weights the activity and, above all, the type, duration and quality of interactions more.

All of this has always played a big role on Tinder and for the algorithm, but has become even more important since mid-2019. In terms of the basic principle of how you should use Tinder and how the app works, of course nothing has changed. Only the weighting of the factors has shifted somewhat. Since our 70,000 readers per month are of course all on a different level of knowledge and the topic of algorithms is of course quite important but also quite complex, we have of course also addressed many basic things in this article in addition to the innovations. If you already knew all of this, then I’m glad, because then it means that you are already pretty familiar with Tinder 🙂

Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m glad you’re at the start.

This is because our content is aimed at straight men 😉 Because if you try to please EVERYONE and address EVERYONE, then in the end you will usually not really address anyone. So with a project like ours, of course, you have to have a specific target group. And in our case these are men who want to be more successful with women and who want better results in online dating.

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