Single sites and sex dating portals on the Internet are a popular way of quickly getting in touch with other singles and having lots of (sex) dates. But in order to be really successful and to interest the most attractive women in yourself, you need a good online dating profile. Don’t worry, every single exchange profile has its specifications (which are essentially based on the proven Friendscout profile), but you have to turn the dry template into an attractive dating profile. Then you don’t have to look so much anymore, because the girls will get in touch with you all by themselves.

The Friendscout profile contains three sizes: the pseudonym (a fantasy name under which one is on the go in the single exchange), the general information (such as height, hair color, stature) and a small free text for the personal motto or whatever else you want to state there. This is what every profile text on a dating site looks like. You can’t change much about the general information, but you can’t give away the pseudonym and the free text (some people really write “don’t know” or “don’t have any”). You can use this information to attract exactly the type of girl you want to meet. If it is to be romantic, then you are the “summer wind”, if it should really get going, you come in as a “storm surge”. In free text, you underline these expectations with suitable interests, sayings or wishes. Quotes, music tracks or films that express something about them are really cool. Such details make an online dating profile interesting.

Women not only love with their ears, but also powerfully with their eyes. When looking for a suitable dating profile, they too are guided by the picture. So put in pictures that are visually attractive and match your information. Avoid status symbols or frills and try to score points with your personality. Especially the main picture in the single exchange profile has to be “right”. A little tip: before posting, it is very helpful to have the pictures rated in other forums.

Facebook and StudyVZ are also great for flirting. But be careful: The way your friends and your posts appear in your profile, you will also be assessed yourself. So make sure that there are happy and optimistic guys who do not spread curmudgeon. This also applies to yourself, of course. Which attractive man has already gathered around him depressed-looking fellows? Women pay attention to little things, question everything and establish relationships. If the picture, text and environment match, they will want to know more about you immediately. You don’t have to act or tell a lot, you just have to be authentic and skillfully make yourself interesting.

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