How do dumpers feel when you ignore them?

how do dumpers feel when you ignore them

How do dumpers feel when you ignore them?

Dumpers feel bad when you ignore your dumper. It’s absurd though. Because he dumped you, you didn’t dump him. But the truth is that people who dump you or initiate a breakup often expect you to come back to them. When your dumper’s pride is broken when you ignore them, the dumper often feels bad and may even be curious about your behavior.

How do dumpers feel when you ignore them?

This is exactly why many relationship experts recommend ignoring dumpers. In many cases, the dumper may come back to you and hope to rekindle your relationship. But at the same time, if they are already involved in another relationship, they may not have feelings for you in this case.

So let’s get to the feelings-

Dumper’s ego will be broken

When the dumper dumps you and you continue to communicate with him despite knowing it, he thinks you are available. Due to this easy thinking, an arrogant attitude is awakened in him. He thinks of himself as the only option for you. But when you ignore your dumper, his arrogant attitude is crushed.

How do dumpers feel when you ignore them
when a dumpers miss you and you ignore him

Will be curious about you

You are an accessible object to the dumper. That’s why he gets your company for no reason. Whatever, you answer when he calls. But suddenly when you ignore your dumper there is a lot of curiosity to know what is the reason for this change in you.

Caring for you

When you ignore your dumper he may want you back as before. Because of this desire, he will be extra caring for you so that you are attracted to him again.

Will look for the reason for your change

You will ignore the dumper and he will not sit quietly. He will be desperate to find the reason for this change in you. He may think that you are addicted to something else. He will try to prove this idea.

Dumper Will follow you

Your dumper will keep an eye on where you are doing or eating i.e. your total movement. He will definitely not accept ignoring him as normal. He will keep an eye on everything you do to find the reason for your ignoring.

Dumper Talks to someone close to you

When you are not available for your dumper he will want to be with you because of missing you or out of habit. But when you don’t care he will contact someone close to you to find out the real reason.

Dear reader, the most important reason to ignore your ex is to make them feel regret for their decision to leave you. This time of ignoring you gets some quiet time to think about yourself and yourself. Without any response or news from you, you may be occupying unwanted space in his brain.

So Beautiful people you should ignore your dumper even if it is to boost your confidence.

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