Why Do Breakups Hit Guys Later? hit the male dumper

Breakups Hit Guys Later

Why Do Breakups Hit Guys Later? hit the male dumper

Breakups Hit Guys Later-There is no clear explanation as to why breakups hurt guys afterward. But it depends on how the person who broke up deals with it and how supportive the people around him are.

Many people do not take it lightly that guys suffer after a breakup. According to them, guys do not suffer. However, it is universally accepted that both boys and girls are emotionally disturbed after a breakup and this is not unusual.

However, observation has shown that some guys experience intense emotional distress for a period of 1-3 months after a breakup. However, this does not apply equally to every person.

The breakups hit guys later, and their emotional state after a breakup can also vary depending on the environment, and the situation. In this case, gender disparity does not have an effect.

Causes of Breakups Hit Guys Later

In the case of men, the breakups hit guys later do not have an immediate effect, but it is able to have an effect in the next 1-3 months. The reason for this is that men are indifferent to themselves.

Because they are so indifferent to themselves, they cannot understand what their hearts really want. Gets happiness.

After a breakup time gap, they feel the lack of the man walking beside them. So naturally, in case of a guy break up, it takes time to hit.

Causes of Breakups Hit Guys Later, there are some more powerful reasons:

1. Emotional Control: When breakups hit guys later, they can control their emotions very naturally and strongly. But that doesn’t mean that a breakup doesn’t hurt him.

Just like a woman is hurt by a breakup, so is a man. But a man can control his emotions immediately. Can’t understand it. It becomes clear later in time. This is one of the reasons why guys hit later.

2. Social Influence: Masculinity is a strong proposition in our prevailing social norms. Men living in society may initially pretend not to feel the pain of their breakup, but may not be able to suppress it later.

3. Misconceptions: Usually after a breakup both men and women want to rebuild themselves. They mistakenly think that they are fine. But at the end of the day, they are not fine away from their partner-breakups hit guys later.

4. Loneliness: Months after the breakup, the lack of relationship and related reality helps to isolate the victim from society. In this case, they are also traumatized.

Then this loneliness reminds them of their previous relationship and explains the bitterness of this toxic life.

5. Loss of friends: Friends can play an important role in forgetting the bitterness of breakup. They provide emotional support to the victim. In such a situation Victik likes to spend time with friends and forget the pain of breakup. It is more in the case of guys. But the subsequent separation from the friend leaves them alone and feeling the intensity of the breakup.

6. Family Dissupport: Family is one of the most favorite places of a guy after friends. If the family dissupport starts day by day, the man suffers from breakup over time.

7. Imitation: There are many toxic guys who are playboys. Even after breaking up from many relationships together, they do not suffer. Some guys may try to imitate such men. They think it is possible. But not everything is possible for everyone. They imitate it. Even if there is a temporary good, there cannot be a permanent good.

8. Thinking of yourself as everything: Some guys think that there is nothing in the world that they can’t do. According to them, nothing is impossible for them. So they don’t give importance to their breakup. After 1-3 months, when they realize, their life is good in vain. Being is just an act then they understand the pain of breakup and hits.

9. Expectation: At the beginning of the breakup guys think that their partner will come back to them on their own.Thinking that they don’t bother much about breakup. But as time goes on it proves them wrong. This is also one reason why breakup guys get hit after breakup.

It is believed that breakups hit after 1-3 months for guys but again not for everyone. However, this is not a rule for everyone.

Finally, there are no rules for how much and when a breakup will hit depending on gender. It depends on the environment and emotions-breakups hit guys later.

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Faq- Frequently Asked Quetion About Why Do Breakups Hit Guys Later? hit the male dumper

Why is my breakup hitting me months later?

It might be because you feel the breakup revealed something about who you are as a person.

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