I wrote: “A burning tire is okay.” Dicki wrote back that he was with the volunteer fire brigade and that he therefore knew how dangerous burning tires were and that that was out of the question. I replied: “In that case nothing can come of us.”

Then I gave up and let the minutes 221,000 to 262,000 pass with no further activity. Perhaps that was the crucial mistake, and those minutes would have been my eleven minutes in which I would have fallen in love.

It was all more than six months ago, and all of these encounters really happened. I’ve only had one gin fizz in those months though. Perhaps that is the real problem.

You fill out the forum to less than 50%. No photo. Then comes a memory, another and another. Finally, 5 or 7 Fridays if you do more than 50%. Then you can test it in advance. Then the memories come with the photo. Again, 5 to 7 Fridays if you put a picture in. And then you write to the people and that’s good. From my point of view, Parship was wasted time. On the street, in museums, etc., simply chatting to those I like is much better and the kick is much greater. I met my current snail at the airport in Amsterdam. Both flew business. Then it was clear that she had some money.

I think Gerd used a metaphor in his contribution. It is just a guess.

Phew, I almost missed the Parship story and the magical comments, even though a regular (and enthusiastic!) reader of your blog. Must be because I’m busy with Parship….

I could also add a few bizarre encounters and fill a chapter about the photos alone: ​​Cut ex-partners in the arm (= very often), cars or trekking bikes under the profile photos (often to very often), selfies behind the wheel of the car (= gladly taken), selfie behind the controls of the sports plane (= at least 2x), selfie at the helm of the yacht (to my regret none) Particularly interesting: the picture of a cheesecake on the kitchen worktop. My very serious question, how the gentleman in question managed to keep the cake from sinking in, was unfortunately not answered (“The contact said goodbye to you”). So I’ll stay clueless (and eat sunken cheesecake) forever.

To be honest, I can understand your frustration, but even after 2 months (how many minutes would that be?) I didn’t want to give up – despite one or the other bizarre experience.

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