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For many singles, scrolling through online dating apps is now part of their everyday lives. Karinna Karsten, relationship expert from Los Angeles, is the CEO and founder of Relationship A. I ,. a new and extraordinary dating app based on tracking technology and artificial intelligence. Read in our sisterMAG interview how this app works and why you should try it out.

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Years of professional experience as a relationship consultant, as well as the position as CEO of LOVE TV, have shown me what and how big the challenges for millennials are in the areas of dating and relationships. I realized that finding a partner was getting more and more complicated.

It has almost become a full-time job to keep track of the dating life in today’s app jungle and the encounters from real life. The dating industry regularly comes around the corner with new apps so that you can get to know people. But what’s next? In my opinion, we need help with our dating activity in order to make the best decisions. For the past 10 years I have therefore collected data, researched and actively worked in the dating industry – this is how Relationship A.I. born.

Relationship A. I. (RAI) is a dating tracker app. With RAI, users can track their dating activity across multiple dating apps and in real life. From this, they build smarter relationships. Have you probably already tracked your number of steps or your calorie consumption? Now you can do the same with dates so you can make the best decisions about your relationships. Our focus is not on the getting to know part of the dating, but on the step afterwards. As soon as you interact with your dates or matches online and offline, Relationship A.I. comes into play. Relationship A. I. helps you to manage, evaluate and coordinate your dates. This allows you to maximize your ROI (return on investment) for the time you spend dating.

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