His role model is the sculptor Ignaz Günther, just like the artist who died in Munich in 1775, he mainly works in the baroque and rococo styles for churches. And yet one thing is completely different: the 20-year-old Alexander Bartl streams himself live while he is tinkering with figures – and thus generates the majority of his income online. OMR spoke to the self-employed wood sculptor, explains the origin of the unusual combination of professions and why he is not switching to the major streaming platforms.

There are two jobs that couldn’t be more different: on the one hand, the centuries-old craft of wood carving, on the other hand, the modern streamer activity, which has only become really popular in recent years thanks to platforms like Twitch. Alexander Bartl from Austria combines both. At 15 he attended the technical school for arts and crafts and design in the Tilor community of Elbigenalp. Since April 2018 he has been a trained sculptor with his own trade. When the dating app Lovoo rolled out its new live video feature in Austria a few weeks later, the now 20-year-old was there from the start.

It’s not just the unusual combination of streaming and wood carving that ensures that Alex can quickly build a small fan base. Above all, trying out the new functions at an early stage pays off. Users are made aware of the new feature with the help of a large banner within the app. Especially “streamers” from the very beginning have such a good chance of being discovered.

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Similar to large live streaming platforms, users of the app can support streamers. While the Twitch company, which was taken over by Amazon, works primarily through monthly subscriptions and direct donations, Lovoo relies on the musically model (now merged with Tik Tok): virtual gifts. Users can receive credits via in-app purchase, redeem them for emojis, for example, and send them to a streamer. In this way, he accumulates the currency diamonds – and can convert them into credits and receive money for them via cashout.

Alex Bartl quickly realized that this model had potential. In the past three months he was able to collect a total of over two million diamonds, which corresponds to a monetary value of over 4,000 euros. On average, the sculptor earned around 2,000 euros per month. The fact that he is apparently well received by his small fan base is explained, among other things, by the surprise effect: “When you see me, nobody expects me to be a wood sculptor.

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